Its a great time to get involved. Here are the basics of the WatchDOGS program here at Coventry.  

Schedule your day in advance with the on-line schedule , fill out and submit volunteer form,  arrange a vacation day with your employer, or rearrange your work schedule as needed to be at Coventry on that day.  Then, simply SHOW UP! Your day at Coventry will already be set up for you.
You will go through a brief orientation in the morning, participate in morning show, have a picture taken of you and your child/children for the Wall of Fame bulletin board, then spend much of the rest of the day working with teachers and kids.

Remember that all WatchDOGS must have a WatchDOGS uniform while in the school. 

 Feel free to browse through the links on the left to get a lot more detail including an example of a daily schedule.  

 If you have any questions, call or email Kristina Wallace